Sunday, January 18, 2015

Well, actually I am writing on my research design to fulfill the requirements for being a post-graduated this year; hopefully ;) The research is about drama class in my faculty, in my study program especially, taught by my advisory lecturer. It has something to do with the pronunciation the students speak by the script they have. Apparently, from the first time I wrote the research, I was kinda confused about the background to convinced the reader that my research is great and useful. I just have it in my mind that mostly I cannot "pour" it on the keyboard -meaning that I am writing at that time- I also really need many references to support my ideas and writing to make it more "real" to be imagined.
Fortunately, I am not give up yet. I will do my best to make the best research design about drama in this world -okay, this sounds crazy, but... you know what I mean; it is just a way of a lasts-semester-college-students to supports her own self. :)
So, if you guys out there; somewhere you belong; anyone who can help me with your very kind and helpful help, please contact me soon and tell me where should I start. Thank you very much ;)

Monday, April 22, 2013

In Action Time

This is a photo from the day when I was about to play on the stage by a script called "Perangkap". I was given a role as Rose, a bad girl who has been sicked for a long time. The guy besides me acted as Steve, a bad guy who paid Rose and he wanted to kill her.

The guy beside acted as Tim, Rose's boyfriend but actually helped Steve to kill Rose, too.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Develop Your Talent

1. Enroll in acting classes.
v Acting classes will help you discover your strengths as actress. Some actresses excel at drama, while others are natural comedians. You might discover that performing Shakespeare is your calling, or that musical theatre is for you. In any case, acting classes teach you to develop and inhabit your character, work with other actors and take direction.
v Improvisation classes are a good place to start. Many people immediately think of comedy when they hear the word "improv," but improvisation classes actually teach essential skills for dramatic acting, too. Improvisational acting trains you to pay attention to cues and respond quickly. You'll learn to naturally react to others' prompts and silence your inner critic.
v Acting workshops will help you understand the craft of acting from a different angle, through "scene studies." Typically, you'll be assigned a few parts in from a few scenes, which you'll practice over an entire semester. You'll participate in class discussions about the meaning of the scene and the intentions of the screenwriter or playwright. Finally, you'll be subject to critiques, and you'll be able to put the skills that you learn into practice right away.
v When you advance past basic acting classes, you'll have the option to take specialized classes for film or stage acting, which require different skills. Experiment with both to figure out which suits you best.
v You may enroll in an acting program at a university and pursue a degree in acting, but if you're not ready to commit to an intensive program yet, try taking a few classes at your local community college or theater arts school.
2. Explore acting techniques.
There are numerous approaches to acting, each of which offer insight and training into accessing and portraying emotion.
v The Stanislavski Method is a step-by-step method to building character, and includes script analysis. Stanslavski-trained actresses include Stella Adler and Marilyn Monroe.
v The Meisner Technique focuses on action-based character development and actor response. Meisner actresses include Tina Fey, Jessica Walter and Naomi Watts.
v Method Acting involves adopting the behaviors and mindset of your character, and immersing yourself in your character for the duration of the production. Method actresses include Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman and Tippi Hedron.


These are the property for my first performance on the stage. There are a bottle of wine, a chair, and a table. What a simple thing!

This was when I and my crue had a rehearsal for a thousand times before I came up on the stage.

This was one of the scene of "Perangkap" script. What a climacs!

We are the actors and the actress that play "Perangkap. And finally, we got the 3rd position from that festival. It was really fun!